It's the Little Things

3:25 PM

I'm approaching the end of our kitchen renovation. I have yet to post pictures on the progress, because I really want to be able to show the whole finished product with some build-up of "along the way" photographs. Since this project seems like it's been stretched out over months and months (kinda because it has...), I'm more than ready to be done with it. As you can well imagine.

I'll give you a play by play of what's been done thus far.
Last spring/early summer - we ripped out the tile floors in the kitchen area (including the breakfast room and bathroom) and had hardwood floors put down. We also got rid of all the old appliances and put new ones in. And then we waited for the passing of time to magically replenish the funds in my "Home Project" account.  When those funds appeared, we were ready for the second phase, which has actually been less stressful than all of last year's work.

We ripped out our countertops and backsplash, picked out a marble slab and had it installed. White subway tiles were put in for our backsplash. We got rid of our old cast iron enamelled sink and faucet and replaced it with a farmhouse sink and a very cool, modern faucet. We also got all new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and new hardware. And new pendant lights over the sink area. This past week, I put in new wooden lazy susan's in my two corner cabinets. All that remains is for the whole area to get fresh paint - new paint for upper and lower cabinets and walls - and then I can put the hardware on. Unfortunately our painter guy may not be able to do the cabinets until middle of next month. Which means I can't put my drawer/countertop stuff back in the kitchen.

So I'm still living in kitchen limbo, which as any woman knows, is seriously not fun.
However, I'm extremely grateful that I have a fully functioning kitchen! 

I want to tell you today about my little DIY project of putting in the lazy susan's. 
I discovered a few years ago when putting our chicken coop together with Kyle, that I really like making things. Using drills. Measuring and getting things exactly right. This probably surprises exactly no one, given my personality.  

So when it came down to taking out our old, wobbly, cracked plastic lazy susan's and installing new ones, I weighed the cost of hiring someone to do it versus tackling it myself and chose to save myself a few bucks. Probably more than a few, if I'm being honest.

I found some online, ordered them and decided I'd check that off my list this past week.
Admittedly, I was a little nervous that I'd screw it up and Kyle would have to say "I told you we should just hire someone..." 

But I'm thrilled to say that it seems to have worked. After lying on my back in my cabinets holding a flashlight in my teeth and measuring and drilling....They look good, they seem sturdy. 

I've managed to move some of the items being stored on my dining room table back to their real home.  

One step closer to a finished kitchen! 

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