Gallery Bathroom

5:00 AM

I think it's worth it to show you the transformation our half bath underwent as part of the whole kitchen/breakfast room transformation.
Above is the BEFORE picture.
Red walls, ugly tile was tired and needed a change.

We decided to go with one of my favorite colors....a super dark blue that I also used in my nursery.
I wanted to create a room that was rich in color, like a jewel box. And I wanted to cover the walls with art.

New wood floors in place, toilet and vanity back in position...all we lack is the art.

Which Kyle (and Wyeth) and I played around with until we got it just right.

Here is the final result.
My lovely gallery bathroom.

Each piece of art is special to us, some because we did it ourselves, others because they are favorite artists of ours.

Even the towel holder (a "Come Here" ceramic finger holder) is special and unique. 

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