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When you talk to people about Chicago, one thing that constantly comes up is the food - 
How good the food is!

That's a funny statement to me, because "food" is a pretty generic word and covers a multitude of sins. What food is being talked about here? It seems to be a smattering of everything. Possibly because Chicago is a very ethnically diverse city, with pockets of nationalities settling in various neighborhoods. I'm learning all this as I go.

Obviously deep dish pizza is a thing. I can attest that there are some darn good deep dish pizza places - and there is one place from whence all the deep dish originated...Pizzeria Uno. I've never actually been there, but when I do (and it's on my list), you'll be the first to know. 

Chicago dogs is another thing. So let me back up a step here and confess that I am a straight-up library nerd. I love books, read voraciously and being the analytical person I am, I headed straight for the "Chicago" section of our local library branch and checked out lots of books on exploring the City of Chicago. One such book was called Discovering Vintage Chicago. It highlights all the oldie but goodie places in the city and is nice enough to sort them by neighborhood, so I have started a spreadsheet of places to hit up. Sort of a Chicago Bucket List.

Back to the Chicago Dog. One of the neatest places to partake of a Chicago style hot dog is Superdawg! Originated in 1948, it's a family-owned, drive-in style business. And it's pretty close to where we live in Rogers Park, so when it came to beginning to check things off, it didn't involve a great deal of driving or taking the train. Or parking, for that matter.

Yes, we're vegetarians (for the MOST part), but occasionally, exceptions are made. 
This time, we made one.

We sat in the drive-in, ordered at the box, (just like Sonic) and received our boxes of Superdawgs with Superfries. The hot dogs were surrounded with mustard, piccalilli, chopped Spanish onions and topped with a dill pickle and a hot pepper. A very tasty hot pepper. 

The verdict? Seriously seriously delicious.
Although, I must confess that I could have eliminated the wiener from the equation and found the toppings to be sufficient. They were fabulous. I apologize if this deeply offends hot dog lovers. Thankfully, my stomach wasn't too bothered by the introduction of beef after such a long time. 
It was a thumbs-up. Worth the little trek from Rogers Park.
Just in case you're ever around and feeling the need for a Superdawg.

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