Wilder is 3 Months!

7:09 PM

Where does the time go? 
That's always the question, isn't it?

I can't believe Wilder is actually 3 months old today. 
In a way, it seems like he should be 6 months old, so much has happened since he was born. 

 I have tried hard not to wish any of his sweet baby-ness away, even when having an infant slows down the house projects I have before me. 

Truthfully, I cherish these sweet days of complete dependence upon me. 

I love the nursing, the cuddling, the amazingly soft skin, the precious noises he makes...I don't even mind too much the nights when he won't go to sleep and Kyle and I have to take turns bouncing him in our arms well beyond our bed time.

Wilder is a pretty sweet little guy. 
Like all my other babies, I hold or wear him pretty much constantly. Wearing him works great most of the time, except when I irritatingly get all wrapped up and put him in only for him to decide he wants to nurse. I have never been able to nurse while wearing a wrap.  

Now that Brooklyn and August are older, they're pretty helpful when I really need two hands. 

August is infinitely patient with Wilder - moving him to various positions to see if something new works, whereas Brooklyn gives him a few minutes and if he gets upset, cries "Uncle" pretty quickly.  I'm definitely grateful to them both.

Overall, he's doing as I expected he would - getting pretty darn chunky pretty darn fast.
It's my crazy milk. I don't know what else to say.

Wilder is at the stage where he sees me and his whole face lights up and smiles all at once. 
He squeals with delight when he's happy - literally shrieks! Or, on the flip-side, he has what I have dubbed his "cheese grater" cry when he's really mad. I'm sure you can imagine. 

He seems to like watching his older siblings play, and in general, likes us to hold him outward, as though he might miss something if he merely looks over our shoulders. He's probably right - he would miss something! In a crowd this big, something's always brewing. 

It's been a big 3 months for a little guy. He's had a Halloween, moved across country from North Little Rock, Arkansas to Chicago, Illinois, experienced his first Thanksgiving, ridden a train to shop on Michigan Avenue in a snowstorm, experienced his first Christmas, his first New Years... Wow. So many things. It's a lot to take in.

And it looks like he very well may end up with blue eyes! My two W's may be my two blue-eyed boys. How crazy would that be?! 

As you can see, he's at the super fun, "What can I fit in my mouth and drool all over it" phase? 

Life lesson: let a baby suck on your chin and there will be consequences. That suction is pretty darn powerful.

Yup. Chin hickey.

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