Before & After

8:34 PM

What you're about to see are the 3rd floor Before/Afters.  
Bear in mind, they are only an INTERIM version of the Afters. Obviously, the "Before" shots won't be changing.  These images are not fancy - nothing high res or well-lit at this point and we are so very very far from done, but it will give you context of the progress we've made in the 9 months we've lived here.

To summarize what's been done in these rooms...

  • Removal of green/yellow/brown nasty carpets
  • Removal of underlying brown and/or red linoleum
  • Stripping of original wood floors (of mastic and lead paint)
  • Sanding/Priming/Painting floors white 
  • Removal of all shelving units and cupboards and huge track lighting
  • Removal of all window coverings
  • Cleaning of baseboards
  • Removal of wall paper 
Main North Facing Bedroom

Overall Before/After

Progression of Room

Other side of the room

Progression shots

Now, the East Facing Bedroom


And now the playroom

From the other side...

And the hallway that runs down the center (as originally viewed from the bathroom)

 I'm celebrating our successes at the moment, knowing full well there are so many pieces left to do. Bathroom, plaster, paint, etc. 
It's all part of the journey.
Thanks for sharing it!

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