More of Josh's Wedding

4:17 PM

One of the neatest things my dad does with my brothers is a Saturday morning ritual called "Doughnuts with Dad." This ritual evolved from when we were kids and my dad would either haul us all to Shipley's for the world's best fresh doughnuts, or we would awaken and find a box on the counter for us. As the boys have gotten older, my Dad began taking all of them to Daylight Donuts which is a little closer for some early Saturday morning quality time with his sons. A ritual I think is just fantastic. I was particularly delighted to find that the morning of Josh's wedding was no exception. And in addition to my brothers, one of Josh's groomsmen, John Ray, also tagged along.

Me and Josh on the Big Day!

The bridesmaids gearing up for our prance down the aisle.

Mom and Josh - doesn't she look great? He doesn't look bad, either.

Mother of the Groom and Mother of the Bride

I was a bit concerned that my bridesmaid dress would not fit due to my growing belly, but it fit perfectly! I'm not sure that you could even tell I was pregnant. I probably just looked like I'd been putting on weight. Oh well. I have, just in one particular area...Hopefully my bouquet hid the rest.

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