Some time at the Farm

12:59 PM

It's been awhile since the Floyd family went to the Farm, so we decided to go at the last minute this past weekend. I've been in sort of a funk (still am, actually) and just needed to get away. Some time by myself. Which really means time with Kyle and Brooklyn. Every now and then I go through these extremely antisocial spells and find myself in one now.

To our great pleasure it rained all day Saturday. And to me and Kyle, this is the best thing that could happen. We love rain, solitude, the stillness of the world when it's just busy receiving a shower. The birds are quieter or at least occupied searching for worms...the air is crisp and cool...the colors are muted and somehow more beautiful...there's no better feeling than snuggling up on a couch with my two favorite people, reading books, drinking hot coffee or tea and just disappearing from the world except on that one little couch.

On this particular trip to the farm, something prompted me to grab Brooklyn's raincoat and galoshes on our way out the door. So glad I did. It allowed the three of us to traipse through the puddles and experience the rain firsthand. Brooklyn doesn't get to do that very often and she really took it seriously, making me think we should definitely get out there more often! Kyle and I raided the Farm Wardrobe and donned the most hilarious of outfits. Mine, in particular, could NOT have been less flattering. I found an old pair of overalls and struggled about 10 minutes to get them on and secured. I also found the most hilarious hat. I can't help but think anyone wearing that hat would bear a strong resemblance to Mr. Tumnus (the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) which, again, is so unflattering. But I stayed dry, thank you very much, and mostly warm. Kyle somehow managed to look rugged and sexy, which he denies. Brooklyn just looked darn cute.

On our walk, we meandered down to the original farmhouse, the one that is only occupied by wasps in the summer. We found an open door and tentatively explored. I used to spend summers there as a child when we would go to my Grandmother's church's Bible School. It's beyond habitation now. But still holds lots of memories.

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