Another Dennis Wedding

3:59 PM

We have reached the miraculous point where a MAJORITY of the Dennis children are now married. I remember wondering who in the world my brothers would marry. What women out there would appreciate their individual quirks and charms as much as their parents and siblings. Or their oddities and bad habits. And somehow in the meantime, my brothers have grown into men and become quite prime marriage material. Handsome, tall, self-sufficient (for the most part), godly, devoted family guys. And in response to decades of faithful prayers by my mom and dad that God would lead each of their children to the perfect mate for them, God is doing just that. Kyle and I will celebrate our 8th anniversary this year. Zach and Anna will celebrate their 2nd or 3rd anniversary this year (see how fast time moves, I can't even keep track!) Chad and Melissa celebrate their 1 year anniversary in April. And my darling brother Josh just married Lauren Orr this past Saturday. A date which was shared not only by Groundhog Day, but also my dad's 55th birthday!

I was so proud of Josh. As one of his best friends, I have had the privilege of counseling him so many times over recent years, encouraging and admonishing him (in much love) to earnestly seek the Lord's will for his life. To stop fighting God on so many different things and abandon his will to the Lord's. And Josh has done that. And I believe the Lord honored those decisions by bringing Lauren into Josh's life at just the right moment.

As usual, a Dennis wedding is not possible without major fanfare and tons of bodies. But it wouldn't be appropriate any other way. It was so much fun!

One of my favorite things about this wedding was that our lifelong friend and adopted older sister, Alice Baden, from Nebraska drove down to spend the time with us. She had never met Brooklyn, but upon first sight of her, Brooklyn immediately opened her arms to Alice and fell in love. Alice just has that way about her. We were so blessed to have her here.

Mom hugs our adopted sister, Alice.

At the rehearsal, Brooklyn made herself at home in the center of everything - on the kneeling bench before the altar. A better view of the proceedings.

Some of the bridesmaids holding our places and following orders.

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