How Pregnant Am I?

10:25 AM

I have begun to shop in earnest for maternity clothes as my little belly begins to make it impossible to fit into my regular clothes (excluding my favorite grey sweats, of course - those endure the whole 40 weeks- but one does occasionally need to leave the house and look semi-presentable). So I turned once again to an old favorite from my previous pregnancy - the classiest of all maternity clothing: IsabellaOliver. I discovered it entirely by accident when I was pregnant with Brooklyn and absolutely loved the simplicity of their design, the classic elegance and simple colors. It isn't cheap, but you can buy some good basics and they last past your pregnancy. In short, it SPOKE to me.

Well, this year, they have equally amazing stuff, plus I got an email that they just had their Spring/Summer 08 preview. So, I pulled it up and watched the little email video. And there was an interview with founders of the company, Vanessa and Baukjen. At the end of the little clip, Baukjen was encouraging us pregnant shoppers to enjoy this time of shapeliness and curves and to take care of ourselves. Or, rather, she said, quite intimately, "take care of yourself." For some reason, her simple missive made tears immediately spring to my eyes!

I find myself being oddly sensitive to the most bizarre things lately. Commercials make me tear up, and clearly, well-meaning wishes from perfect strangers over the internet.

If you are interested (not in crying, but in clothing), check out their website:

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