A Wee WHEEE!!!!

6:37 PM

This video makes me laugh out loud and cringe at the same time. She's obviously torn between terror and joy! I think she decides to go with joy at the last minute when she flings her hands over her head - just as we do when we zoom over those annoying neighborhood speed bumps. But the preceding grimace and attempt to shrink into her jacket makes me want to stop the swing immediately and squeeze her to me!

You can see the resolve in her - I will enjoy this. And then, she does! I think she has the Dennis thrill-seeking gene in her yet. She'll be riding roller coasters as soon as she clears that pesky little line. And I've seen that look of terror on the most devout roller coaster rider, and it always ends with hands thrown into the air!

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  1. Ashley the video was adorable. I can not help but laugh too. She is talking so well.