Brooklyn's Growing Phrase Book

5:46 PM

"Hey! How are you? Good!"
"Mommy! Come here!"
"Mommy! Where are you?"
"Where Darby go?"
"Ready go gym?"
"Yahtzee!!!" (video to follow in a day or so)
"Oh No! I make mess!"
"Where pacie? Better go find it!"
"More samwich!"
When we fake cry, she caresses our face and says, "'sokay, daddy, don't cry"
"Come back here!"
"I sorry, Mommy"
"Ready go ustairs?"
"Bekfast! Food!"
"Kiss Booboo!"
"We're HOME!"
"I sorry!" (when she hurts herself)
"Watch Veg Tales!"
"Watch a movie, watch!"
"I hold you" (when she wants to be held)
"Hold this" (to hold something or give it to you)
"Don't do that!"
"Goodness!" (instead of Gosh which we do not say)
"Pease!! Thank You! Welcome!"

She also sings Jesus Loves Me as well as Tomorrow from Annie. She's a veritable fount of vocabulary.

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