"Park"in with Dad

6:28 PM

While I went to a baby shower this morning, Kyle and B took to the Park. Just a mere walk from our house is Idlewild Park. Isn't that a great name for a park? Love it.

The park also has a tennis court which was in use this morning, and Kyle said Brooklyn kept yelling to the two gentleman playing, "Good Job!" and "Come slide with me!" I am not sure they ever realized they were being encouraged by an almost 2 year old who really does like tennis, but I was proud of her spirit!

Brooklyn also did some swinging. Do you remember that look of terror when your stomach first dipped and soared along with the motion of the swing and you weren't sure you hated it or loved it?

I happened to drive by the park on my way home from the shower and saw my two favorite people playing in the park, so I joined them! Just in time to see Brooklyn waltz up to a 3 year old little girl - a complete stranger - and tell her, "HI! Come SWING!" The girl, Haley, was not nearly as outgoing as Brooklyn and hid her face in her grandmother's sweater.

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