Bedtime Stories

10:18 AM

There is a little evening ritual that we have developed lately: I go sequester myself in the bathroom with a good book while Brooklyn gives Kyle about 20 books to read to her. He is so patient to read to her and it has become one of their special times together. I love hearing their voices as they cuddle together on the bed and read through the books which we all 3 have basically memorized. There are definite favorites: Eighteen Cousins, Number 17 Rue Petite, a horribly written and illustrated Peekaboo book, Little Bear, the Circus book, a Potty book, a collection of Richard Scary stories, Duck at the Door, Mucumber McGee (a fabulous library find) Olivia books and that just scratches the surface. Periodically, I'll hear Kyle call out - is mommy STILL in the bathroom?? And I'll laugh and say, yep, keep up the good work out there!

The problem with B is that she is uberpersistent when she wants a book read to her. There is no turning her down. She will literally pester you to DEATH!

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