Don't Get Crazy - This isn't Me...

10:36 AM

It's my best friend, Jules, with her little one!!!! Born yesterday around 5ish, she had the shortest labor EVER!!! And was rewarded with a 6 pound, 13 ounce little man named Noah Preston. It's so strange because he is almost EXACTLY the size Brooklyn was when she was born, and holding him last night, I was amazed that she'd ever been so tiny! And I can't wait for my own bit of tinyness to emerge!

He's the spitting image of his big sister, Lake! Julia and I have been sharing our pregnancies together day by day. She's been a week ahead of me the whole time and my constant companion and co-miserater. We are on the phone with each other multiple times daily inquiring as to each other's status...any contractions? Nope...Any leaking? Nope...We even have the same OB/GYN, so our doctor visits are practically shared. We have worked out together at the gym, waddled around the Farmers' Market together with our little girls, fielded infinite inquiries as to our due dates and the sex of our babies (she knew she was having a boy, but mine is still a surprise), we spend hours at each other's houses letting the girls play and eat macaroni & cheese while we talk about everything under the sun.

I'm so jealous that she's already holding her little one! But I know, it won't be long and our babies will be sitting side by side on a blanket while we hang out with flatter tummies and boobs full of milk (or as Brooklyn refers to them - "Hungies"). Too graphic? Well, get over it! :) It's all part of the fun!

So, welcome to the world, little Noah! (And doesn't Jules look FABULOUS for having JUST given birth?? It sickens me.)

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