Life or Something Like it

10:05 AM

I have no idea why I've been struggling to find time to write posts these days. Seems like summer would be easier, but I'm not finding that to be true. With our weekly playdates, summer house projects, still trying to summon the energy to work out every day, cook every day, grocery shop, plan our weekly meals, vacuum at LEAST once a day, pick up stray toys from EVERYWHERE, water my herb garden which daily seems to just run out of juice, weedeat and edge (or practice edging) the yard, change poopy diapers, beg and plead with Brooklyn to PLEASE poo on the big girl potty (um, I don't think so, mom), threatening, cajoling, bribing, begging again, plopping her on the potty every five seconds to no avail....

And I look up and the weekend's here. And then another weekend. And I love my weekends cause Kyle's here all day! All day Daddy Day two days in a row! And this past weekend, it was a surprise 4 day-er! He took off Monday and waited until Sunday evening to tell me! It completely made my day. Especially since our Saturday night had been spent waiting out a monstrous storm that knocked our power out for 12 hours. We slept very little that night and headed out of the house first thing Sunday morning to find food. And then tried to stay away from our house until the electric guys put a new transformer up behind our house. About the only productive thing we were able to do was run an extension cord to my neighbor's house to salvage my freezer items. Which has become something I could do in my sleep, it happens so often.

In other news, I have been growing in my relationship with the Lord this summer. Doing the Esther Bible Study has been very good for me. I love the group of young women who've been coming! God is teaching me more and more about trusting Him through the study as well as life's circumstances. About the applicability of faith in regards to trust. How you can't have one without the other. I have been thinking about how faith without works is dead. And how, in my case, that often translates to faith without real trust in God and His promises to provide, is dead. The works is the trust. Faith lived out is working trust.

I've been working hard to trust Him in regards to finances and saving towards things like new cars, air conditioners, a new paint job for the house. Like I said, life. And it is in times like this - when Kyle and I are doing everything we can to exhibit good stewardship - that I'm glad the money, the house, the etc. do not belong to me. That they are completely owned by the Lord.

It's when the economy flops (and doesn't it always sooner or later - we act as though this time in our country is something new when what goes around always comes around) and our investments suicide dive bomb into the trash can and our 401(k)s dissipate into a mass of quivering minus signs that I lean on the solidity of the fact that the cattle on a thousand hills all belong to Him. And he moves things around at his desire. And most importantly, that no matter what the scenario, He will be faithful. He can't not. We who are His children have that utmost assurance, and I praise God for that! Daily! Weekly!

So that's what my life is like these days. A series of to do lists that morph and change and get edited and re-written as events unfold. For example: today we wake up and I put on my workout clothes with the intent to work out after breakfast. But then I end up vacuuming up scads of Bailey hair and doing dishes. Then I fold clothes on our guest bed. Then I realize B has a poopy diaper and I unwillingly change her. Then I head downstairs to work out and realize that August's eyes are really droopy and I should feed him and let him take a nap. So I go back upstairs to do that. And I head down 30 minutes later (after reading a little bit more of Truman) and I have tennis shoes on this time - really serious about doing my workout. I even have a plan. Then I think that maybe I should check my yahoo account to make sure I don't have any bills that are about to be missed. And then I realize I have 257 junk emails to delete. So I'm doing that when B comes in with another ghastly poopy diaper which I REALLY don't want to change.

And then I hear August wailing upstairs, so I sprint up there (see, I'm fitting in mini-workouts) and make sure he hasn't fallen off my bed. Then I change B and August and sprint back downstairs and realize it's time for lunch. So I make us leftovers and then call my husband to chat. And now, I have just about decided I'm gonna do other things and then workout with Kyle when he gets home. Sigh. This is why my blogging gets pushed to a hidden, dark corner and covered with dust.

But, life goes on and is really kind of fun.

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  1. So what do you do all day??!! LOL, life as you never imagined but worth every breath!

  2. I hear ya!!! Especially on the potty training thing. I ask Eva on a daily basis if she'd like to go pee=pee on the potty and on a daily basis she says, "no thank-you." Ugh!

    Life has gotten busier as Izzy gets older. I've resolved to not picking up any toys until they both go down for bed at night. Or, if I'm having company. As soon as I pick up one mess, I turn around to another one.

    Still, how blessed we are to be home with them. I honestly wouldn't want to do anything else at his stage in life.

    I love you girl!