1:13 PM

Ashley, age 5

One tradition my mom had at our house was to have professional photographs taken of each of her children at age 5. And maybe age 2 as well. But in any case, my 5 year old picture features me wearing a rainbow striped shirt that my mom saved and recently passed on to me for use with my own daughter. The picture above is not actually the professional one. I think it's my kindergarten picture.

I thought it would be something Brooklyn would wear later, but she found it in her closet and likes to wear it now. It's just a little big on her, but she doesn't mind. And it is so neat to see pictures of us as little girls wearing the same shirt!

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  1. That's too cool I have my first Easter dress saved in my closet that I have always secretly hoped one of my children would wear one day. But I look at it now and there's no way I could force them into it. It's hideous! Not nearly as cute as your rainbow shirt!