VBS and other Firsts

10:42 AM

Today was Brooklyn's first day at Vacation Bible School. I suppose it's because so many moms work these days, but it was hard to find a VBS that met during the morning. Most meet in the evenings, and that just didn't appeal to me. So we found a church near our house that was hosting a VBS this week from 9-11:45. What made this so crazy to me is that I attended Vacation Bible School there when I was a little kid! My, how time flies.

Brooklyn did great, although she was a little nervous at first when we entered the enormous room exploding with the sounds of lots of little kids. She clung to my leg while I signed her in and clung harder when I tried to drop her off at her age group. She was very unsure. We had signed her up to attend with her friend, Lake, and we had our eyes peeled to the entryway to spot her arrival. Once she showed up, Brooklyn's face brightened considerably and she relaxed. Lake seemed equally relieved. I think it was good for both of them to have the other there.

So I used my time with August to work out, put August down for his morning nap and clean the house a little. Next thing I know, I'm picking her up at 11:45! She told me virtually nothing about what she did - "I played, Momma. With my friends. With Lake." So much for details. I asked her if she sang. She said no, then yes. I asked her if she danced. She said yes. I asked her if she learned about Jesus. She said, Oh, yes I did. She was very excited about the new blue T-shirt they gave her. Immediately upon entering the house, she stripped down and put on her new shirt. And while talking to Kyle a few minutes ago, she informed him that they taught her how to play Duck Duck Goose. Oh, the memories that brings back.

In other firsts, August has been standing on his own for minutes at a time, but yesterday during our stint in the nursery - which happens to be his classroom - I coaxed him to take two steps. I have witnesses. He did not appear to be that impressed and immediately dropped to his bum to get in his bear crawl mode and speed things up. But I am going to write in his babybook that he took his first step yesterday. He may not be walking by his birthday - which is Friday!!! But he may be by his party - which is the 26th.

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  1. OH yay for VBS and walking! Izzy is standing on her own as well. Her birthday is Saturday and her party is the 25th! It's times like these that I wish we lived closer.