7:23 PM

The Friday before Halloween, Chad and Melissa hosted a Halloween Party at their house.

Party People!

As is always the case with their parties, much fun was had by all. They are fantastic party hosts (and hostesses). Melissa outdid herself with 3 different types of soup: a delicious chili, a chicken noodle soup and a creamy potato. I confess, I had a helping of each. I was not about to let her culinary efforts go unrewarded! She also made some peanut butter pies and pumpkin bars. The girl knows how to feed her guests...

And they had such hilarious creative games where we all took turns making fools of ourselves - but isn't that why you have friends? So you can be silly together when it's called for? From lurching around their garage trying to catch a dangling rice crispy ball in your mouth...I was completely unsuccessful at catching my rice crispy ball.

...to exchanging mini-pumpkins with our necks...to bending over precariously to deposit candy corn from a cup on top of your head to the waiting cup on top of the head of your teammateLauren directs me as I attempt to deposit my candy corn safely into the cup on MaryLu's head!
...the laughter from their garage could surely be heard up and down the street. Creating "scarecrows" from spuds, toothpicks and spare fabric.

Our super scary spud man.

And the costumes. You never know what to expect with our group.

Our family - "Andre Agassi, the Dragonfly, Olivia the Pig and the Beatnik"

Michael the Fusball Player

Matt Norris
Three Blind Mice

The Leper, the Leopard, and the Leprechaun

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  1. LOL! nothing like explosives on a newborn to make you laugh!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! How cute you all look!! I l.o.v.e. the pic of Matt, too - haha!! The one he posted on FB was not that great of quality ;) I also hear a sweet little someone made their debut today!! Congrats on the new niece!! Oh & p.s. I have those same Chucks - love them.