Trick or Treat

11:07 AM


Daddy Pig?

Me as a Beatnik
Our very own Olivia! (We are so proud of those ears we created!!!!!)
The Little Dragonfly
Sweet Thing!

Similar to my friend, Anne, our big plans for attending Halloween activities were cut short when August started running a fever again. He ran a really high one Friday night, but it sort of leveled out Saturday. As soon as we got ready to go, he was starting to get hotter. So we ended up just doing some local trick-or-treating. Truthfully, it was just about the most enjoyable Halloween we've had in a few years. Low-key and old-school.
Brooklyn loved knocking on doors and saying, Trick or Treat!!!! And August sort of toddled along behind her. The best part was sorting through the loot at the end of the night.For me?

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