The Mantel

5:35 PM

In the ongoing, never-ending quest for perfection that is interior design, another find has been joyously made. And rather than having to go hunting myself, I was able to pluck this lovely piece from a house just down the street from mine: Zach & Anna's! In their own rearranging, Anna had no place for this antique mantel and sold it to me and Kyle. SCORE!

I can't tell you the thrill I get from seeing it elegantly frame our hearth. It adds to the modern/eclectic vibe going in my living room and seems to complete the fireplace. Haven't yet decided whether to leave it the existing color with built in age marks. I kind of like it. Just not sure yet.

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  1. That look fantastic!! How fun. Can't wait to see it in person!
    Thanks for all the fun blog comments. I figured you must be working on blogging, so I clicked over and sure enough!

  2. Nice mantle. I've been looking for the perfect piece or style for 7 years! We just never get to it.
    -- michele