Enthralling Books

2:16 PM

I'm currently reading a book called The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. This on the heels of her first novel which I read on our Seattle vacation: The House at Riverton. If you're looking for books to read, thick ones that drag you in and haunt your waking hours with a persistent need to steal away and continue reading, this might be an author for you.

Her books, at least the two I've read, weave a story between the present day and a past point in history (the 20's, the 40's) during which the story's chief narrator (in present day) relives and/or revisits the past to uncover a mystery, explain their own personal history and bring to light previously unearthed truths. It could be because I love the time periods Kate Morton has chosen to explore or just the gift she has at portraying the enigmatic nature of human relationships, but she has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

Not only that, but at the back of The House at Riverton she divulged some of her own favorite authors, people whose style of writing has influenced her own and inspired her. I looked into some of them, such as A.S. Byatt (Possession), Thomas H. Cook (The Chatham School Affair), and a few others who kind of creeped me out. I will say that Possession and The Chatham School Affair are excellent reads, though. She also cited as inspiration period movies which explore the interplay between servants and masters, such as Gosford Park (a personal favorite!).

In short, it's good stuff! So if you like to read, you might take a gander at some of her material!

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