Belated Belly Pic and Stuff

7:50 PM

24 weeks

Hard to believe this ginormousness was already 2 weeks ago! Yes, I'm 26 weeks yesterday! And obviously really behind with my blogging. I've been busy putting up Christmas decorations, celebrating Thanksgiving at our Farm, baking cookies with my kids, trying to sell our 4Runner and making Christmas lists. We've been busy!

And in other family news, there's another preggo, if I haven't already mentioned it. In addition to me (due March 8) and Lauren (due first of May), Anna is now due first of July! The kids just keep coming...

But not too busy to spend some quality time with our little ones. (The nativity set August and Kyle are playing with is one I made in junior high! And not just painted...we mixed the slip, poured it into molds, let it set, trimmed it up, fired it, painted it, fired it again and now, years kids are monitored closely to make sure no more donkey ears get chipped off or otherwise messed up. But it does give me a certain joy to see them enjoying it!)

Cookie baking has become much-loved by my kiddos who fight to lick spoons and taste batter. I think they get that from me.

August has gotten good at handling the mixer speed while Brooklyn tries to sneak fingerfuls of dough!
My little man shows off his favorite new pj top - a Heifer International shirt that he decorated himself! He is so proud of it! And what more fun could there be other than wearing your favorite pjs while standing on a stool helping mom make cookies!

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