8:22 PM

 A little spot of color towards the end of what feels like a very long week. Reminding me that a very long weekend lies ahead and to just hang in there!!!

The lovely little teacups and saucers were birthday presents from my mom who made me so happy with these gorgeous finds!

 And I realize it feels too early to celebrate Fall, but it is technically September.

And September 23 marks our Autumnal Equinox, don't ya know, so it just FEELS right to make my favorite fall food:

Pumpkin Chocolate (and white chocolate) Chip Muffins.

Notice August isn't complaining. Empty muffin wrapper, plenty of evidence left behind on the top lip and a smile for me. Worth every second of mixing and baking.

So, Happy September, Happy Almost Labor Day...

I feel like I've been doing some laboring lately, and I intend to fully leave that behind over the weekend. You do the same. See you next week.

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