Creative Kids

7:00 AM

 Our home-school math program came with a huge box of manipulatives...things designed to bring the principles of mathematics to life through various means. Periodically, the book says pull out something new...the other day it was GeoBoards and GeoBands (aka rubber bands).  

These have been a HUGE hit with the kids. I have a sneaking suspicion their skill and creativity at this particular aspect of math are vastly beyond the math lessons in our book utilizing this tool.  In fact, the day we "introduced" this tool, the kids went to TOWN. Creating all sorts of designs, both from life and imaginary. 

Last night, while I made dinner, the kids played with their GeoBoards and would come show me and Kyle what they made. They were amazing...August brought me guitars, houses, clocks, abstract designs, etc. Brooklyn did too, including this very impressive creation. We all had different theories as to what it looked like, and I'm not sure she was certain of its identity either. Just that it was very cool and she was very proud.

I peeked ahead in our math book and the next lesson using this has them making a square. Are you kidding me? We are so far beyond squares in this household.  More like constellations and spectral geometry....

I can't tell you how much I love watching the contents of their minds find expression through these means. 

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