I used to....

2:36 PM

Wonder if I'd ever grow up and be rid of my smelly little bothers (aka brothers)...and now I'm 34 and they're big grown up smelly men and I love them so much it hurts. Not to mention how much I love their wonderful wives and their little rug-rats. I'd kill for any of them. 

Think the time would never come when I could cook whatever I wanted whenever I wanted...and now I do and sometimes when I don't want to and it is every bit as enjoyable as I'd thought and hoped it would be. And more tiring some days too. But I do so love stocking my kitchen with interesting yummy things and creating delicious stuff from it...

Swear up and down I'd never have kids. Couldn't imagine how anyone would ever want to have kids. Lord, I'd been a mom my whole life anyway as the oldest of 7...and now I have 3 and pray daily that the Lord will bless us with more...they're fantastic, wonderful, exasperating, exhausting, never-ending hours of pure 100% amazingness that I wouldn't trade for a gazillion dollars.

Think all I'd ever want to do was be a doctor. Then I became a bank consultant. And I'd think, "How could I ever be happy doing anything other than working full-time at DD&F?" Then I had Brooklyn and all that changed.

Wonder what stay-at-home moms DID all day long? It had to be so boring! Hahahahahahaha! I just fell off the bed! I just peed a little! (kidding about that last part...although having had 3 babies, laughing that hard could indeed cause such a thing to happen.) 

Think that being married to Kyle would be the greatest thing ever. That we would be so perfect together. That we would laugh and be silly and goofy and dance around and play and contemplate life and plan big things and experience something that could only be better because we were together. And you know what? I was absolutely 100% right about that. 

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