Petit Jean

7:30 AM

This past week, I was able to attend the second annual DD&F Corporate Retreat at Petit Jean Mountain. Since I'm still nursing Dorien, there was really no way to leave the family behind. Kyle was kind enough to take off Thursday and Friday and come up to Petit Jean with me! Our retreat was held at the Winrock facility which was perfection, but since our crew needed a bit of extra space, we got a cabin at the nearby national park.  

It poured on our way up the mountain Wednesday night and Thursday morning, it was white with fog. Pea soup. Couldn't see a thing! You would never know the gorgeous scenery around us. In fact, when the fog moved away Thursday evening, I was a little shocked to see the view behind our cabin! What we couldn't see, but we could hear, was the amazing waterfall rushing over the rocks into the canyon. It was absolutely beautiful. Cold, wet, cloudy...perfect weather in this family's opinion.

Perfect fireplace weather, although much to our chagrin, we never managed to get the fire to last. It was probably a good thing considering Dorien is into everything.

Speaking of Baby D, Kyle sent me these pictures as he took the kids around the cabin area Thursday and Friday.  I was busy brainstorming and learning and enjoying the company of other grown-ups for a change! Kyle handled the home-schooling and lunches and naps...and I just drove back and forth between breaks to nurse Dorien! It was heaven!  

The sun reappeared on Friday and the kids were able to really explore the amazing rock formations surrounding our cabin. There is something about the turtle rock formations that makes me want to just leap from rock to rock!

What do we do first?

A picture Kyle sent me to prove Dorien was happy! (that morning, when I left, he'd protested loudly)

My peeps. So proud of them. And their fabulous Daddy!

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