All Day Daddy Day

3:39 PM

This is our special term for our weekend days or other special holidays when Daddy doesn't go to work, but rather hangs out all day with us! Not that "All Day Mommy Days" aren't special, they are. But let's face it, slightly more predictable.

It's clearly extra special when Daddy is home all day. Not only is it simply wonderful to have Daddy/Kyle around, but he usually tries to make those days (particularly holidays) extra fun. Sometimes he'll take the kids to the Train Store (Barnes & Noble), or the library or the Nature Center or the Museum of Discovery...sometimes I go and sometimes that is time I can spend by myself.  

This past Friday, Kyle had a great idea. An idea involving cardboard boxes, a picnic on a hill and lots of sledding. Well, of the Southern variety, that is...

I just woke up from my nap...where the heck am I?

Well, right beside the Clinton Library, son! Time to sled!

Our picnic perch. (don't look too eyes are closed and I am making the strangest's not pretty)

When there's no snow, you gotta sled on watcha got!

Look at that smile. It pretty much sums up the experience!

And a little workout built in! 

Hey! When's it my turn?

By the end of our time there, August was needing some help climbing back up the hills and he'd "accidentally" leave his box at the bottom for someone else (me) to haul back up.

A beautiful setting, a beautiful day and plenty of company. A perfect way to spend a day (and guarantee some good naps later on).

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  1. That is too funny! There are people there (other than your family) with actual sleds?! Very creative, Southerners :)

  2. Great idea! We need to try that!