Gorgeous Glider Day

10:25 PM

Although March immediately gave us some unseasonably warm days and prompted many air conditioners around the city to begin rumbling prematurely, the past few days have been absolutely lovely. And, if my iphone app, AccuWeather, is any accurate indication of what lies ahead, the next week or so should be even better. Gorgeous days...warm but not too warm...with cool, crisp nights. Perfect. 

Today is Thursday (obviously) which means Science Experiment Day for our homeschool. And the past few weeks, we've been studying as part of our science, such fascinating (really!) things like trains and how they work, airplanes and how they work, backhoe's and how they work, cars and how they work ....I, along with my children, have been learning a great deal. 

Although, to hear my children at the dinner table each night, you wouldn't know they'd learned anything. 

Me: "Guys, tell Daddy what we learned about today."

Kids: Silence...

Me: "Ok, how about for Bible?"

Kids: munch, munch..silence

Daddy (eyebrow quirked): "C'mon guys, nothing?"

Me: "Ok, Kyle, for Bible we talked about how Jesus met a rich young man and he asked what to do to get to heaven--

Brooklyn (interjecting): "Oh! Oh! And Jesus said he had to give up his money and follow Him and the man wouldn't do it! Money was more important to him than following Jesus!!!!"

August: "Yeah!"

It goes on like that for every subject. I have to start it out, then they "remember" and take over for me.

Back to science: each Thursday, we watch a DVD that came with our science curriculum and this funny kid demonstrates all sorts of experiments. Then we get to do them.  Today, he demonstrated making gliders talked about airflow around airplane wings. Some days we skip actually doing the experiments, but given the beautiful day and fun project, it seemed like a good idea! The kids did pretty decent jobs folding their airplanes and while their attempts to make things airborne were, well, not entirely successful, a good time was had by all. 

And hopefully, a little science was learned along the way. 

As a sidenote, when Kyle got home from work, he scoffed a little at our gliders and thought he could do us one better. So he built his own (minus the rudder that we made for ours) and wouldn't you know....

His didn't fly nearly as well as ours did. Hmph!

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