Cluck Cluck

3:38 PM

After a fair amount of begging my husband to relent and his subsequent swearing off of any and all association/involvement/responsibility of the looks like our animal kingdom will be expanding slightly.

Its accommodations I plan to put somewhere in the vicinity of here...

And until Saturday, when my brother Chad delivers said fowl to our house, I putter around working on things, cleaning things, still working on my Home Management Binder and taking pictures of things around my house which make me very happy.

Although we've had a marvelously cool April, today is rather humid. And my kids spent approximately 20 minutes outside while I made their lunch, and they came back in covered with mosquito bites.

Such is life with humidity. That's why I have marigolds scattered around in pots.

In fact, I so love this outdoor space we've created (with freshly repainted deck chairs!!!) that if it weren't tiny flying draculas, I'd be out here all afternoon.

My patio herbs and a few jalapenos and tomato plants which will be transplanted into my raised bed. Oh yes, I built a raised bed in my backyard! No dirt yet...I'm working on it.

I think my favorite flower is hydrangeas. I love them. Love their huge leaves, their ready-made bouquets, the variety of colors that show up in just one clump! Pink, purple, blue! Does it get any better than this??

Squint hard beyond the little playground and what you will see is my latest thing - my compost pile. Finally, a good spot for all our veggie scraps, yard clippings, etc. It's really kind of funny how happy it makes me to have a compost pile. By next spring, it will be gravy for my raised bed!

Ingrid admires the hydrangeas too.

World's sweetest cat. I just want to bury my face in her soft belly. And you know what? She's so sweet, she really wouldn't mind.

Happy Thursday to you!

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  1. We have a rotating compost barrel from Lowe's. I recommend it, keeps critters out but still does the job beautifully.

    (eetwerni sinath -- how weird are those nonwords??)