4:00 AM

(that's what we call those tiny hiney buns)

In all his glory!


Another picture? Really?
(DD - notice those teeny-weeny Timberlands? They have gotten some USE this week!)

The kids received these Hulk gloves for Christmas and have had more fun fake fighting each other. 
Out of nowhere, Dorien adopted a pratfall, where he just crumples slowly to the ground after he's punched. Unless, of course, the punch wasn't something he was expecting, as you'll see in the video.

Also, one of Dorien's favorite phrases is "______'s PUSHIN me!" 
Very often, Dorien is not, in fact, being pushed at all - he's usually the one DOING the pushing. But you wouldn't know it if you just listened to him throw accusations.

His other favorite (and relatively new phrase) is "STOP IT!"
He uses this anytime things don't go his way. 
Which, judging by its frequency of use, is quite often.

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