Chickens Little

8:30 PM

It's that time of year again. If you have a local feed store, the chicks are in!
That may mean a whole lot of nothing to you, but this girl has been itching to get chicks ever since we regretfully lost our Rhode Island Red, Poulet, to a local fox (or raccoon).

I put it off and put it off and then decided no longer would I be put off. It was go time.

I have a pile of reclaimed wood in my backyard that I snagged from the curbs around here. And I have purchased a Garden Coop plan. I even sat down last weekend, measured each piece of scrap wood I've collected and matched it up to my coop plan. Waste not, want not.

I have been researching chicken breeds and picking my favorites. It's looking like I'll be placing an order on Murray-McMurray very soon for chicks to be delivered March 18th! I think my brother and neighbor will be going in on this with me, and I have given myself a timeline in which to get my stuff together and get my coop built! 

Kyle shakes his head and wonders who this girl is that he married. I certainly didn't appear to be a backyard chicken keeper 17 years ago when  I caught his eye. I surprise myself, even.

Look out! The chicks are a-coming!

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