Taking Matters into my Own Hands...

7:00 AM

My kids hair grows so fast. And it's very difficult to get in to the lady who cuts our hair, so I recently decided I'd attempt to do some minor trimming on my own. 

I'm not saying I'm a budding hairstylist - FAR from it. I completely recognize the limits of my skills. 

Lucky for me, my kids enjoy sitting on the stool, getting draped with the cape and seeing the hair fall to the floor. It can definitely be tricky with Dorien, though.

He wiggles more than my others.

And is the most in need of a trim.

I was so proud of how straight B's bangs were! I was really too nervous to think about doing her bangs, but she insisted. She really wanted me to do them, and praise God, they turned out good! 

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