My Famous Husband

6:00 AM

Since Kyle works in advertising, he occasionally is asked by local TV stations to weigh in on various things. In particular, he was on TV talking about the commercials shown during the Olympics. And since commercials are synonymous with this past Sunday's recent major sporting event, 
he was asked to talk about his top three favorites and three least favorites!

He watched the SuperBowl with a note pad and a critical eye. He took lots of notes and asked my opinion on a few, but mostly he just payed close attention. He had a schedule showing him what buyers had purchased commercial time when and so he knew what to expect.

I love it when he gets to do things like this, because he's really so good at it! 

Check it out here...

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  1. Love it, especially the Audi driver comments!

  2. Sarah, I thought the same thing! I am pretty sure there was no way she knew he drove an Audi, but it cracked me up!

  3. Go, Kyle! Looking very dapper. I love Paul Harvey. I"ll have to watch that ad online...