Let's Go Krogering!

1:42 PM

One of the best things about being in a large family is that you are a world unto yourselves. 
I grew up as one of seven children, and seriously, one of the best things about my family is that we were essentially a good time looking for a place to happen!

When we went someplace, all eyes were on us. Not because we were misbehaved, but because most of the time, we seemed to be having such a great time that I think people wished they were with us! 

Now that I am a parent and have 4 kids of my own, while that is by no means a large family by my standards, it's a size at which we have become a world unto our own.  When we go places, we are our own good time. We laugh, we joke, we act silly...we're a good time looking for a place to happen!

And sometimes, that happens in Kroger!

For instance, yesterday evening as we made a late night Kroger run, we pretty much dominated. 
We had one regular cart, two children's carts, I was holding Wyeth, it was Kyle's birthday and we were all in a good mood. Laughter rang out from our little band of wheels and everyone we passed grinned.

And when August busted out this random walking maneuver, we had to take a video of it. It was too funny, partly because it just came from nowhere! 

Life with four kids is not without its challenges, but we are crazy about each other and we know how to have a good time.  That more than makes up for the other stuff.

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