The Pointy Knitted Baby Hat

6:00 AM

I love this hat. I really do. As I do so many of my knitting projects, I found this project on PurlBee. I bought their kit to make this hat while I was still pregnant with Wyeth. Since I didn't know what we were having, I thought the silver-grey and yellow was neutral enough. Now that I know it's a boy, I like it even better.
I love how it looks on him!

Mid-way through the project, I needed to test the size. It looks like I'm giving him a lobotomy!

This was some of the thinnest yarn I've ever knit with, and it took ages to knit this hat. Ages. And I'm a pretty fast knitter, I think. But it was worth the effort.

Here's my "sterile field." All ready for surgery.

Snug as a bug in a rug.

What a great hat. Thanks, PurlBee! 

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  1. cute hat but those knitting needles look pretty scary on your babe's head!