The Farm (part 2)

6:00 AM

Another great sight - big brother reading to little brother. 
Dorien's face cracks me up. 

I decided to be adventurous in the cooking department and make bagels from scratch.
Which really does involve boiling and broiling and then baking. 
The recipe I used assured me the labor intensive nature of the process would be well worth it.

Removing the boiled bagels from the water onto a tray for the next step.

Steaming bread balls.

The recipe wasn't kidding. Once these were all baked and finished, the whole wheat bagels were absolutely amazing. Smaller than regular bagels, but they had the perfect amount of chewy density you want from a good bagel. They didn't last very long.

August concentrates on one of his birthday gifts - a Transformer.

Brooklyn took this picture of me and Wyeth. Not bad!

She also captured this one of Kyle. She may have a knack for photography.

We had a few rainy days while at the Farm, which made for good movie-watching weather. 
Kyle was able to get a break from driving the kids around on 4-wheelers and read some, and the kids and I laughed our heads off to the original Herbie movies. Wyeth found it very exciting to slap the TV screen repeatedly. (Yes, the TV table is sitting on carpet samples. What of it??)

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