Captiva - Part 2

5:00 AM

The Princess on the Pillows!

And uh, the Prince on the Pillows!

Fresh back from a run! Nothing like running on a gorgeous summer morning. 
Kyle and I both brought bikes and we alternated working out. I'd run in the mornings and he'd bike during nap times. I rode about every other day, too. I'm signed up to run a marathon in March, plus I want to compete in triathlons, and Kyle is riding in more rides/races, so our workouts are pretty specific, targeted and planned out well in advance. 

Don't mess with my baby.

Lunch break on the lanai.  We'd head out to the beach immediately after breakfast, swim until around noon, head back for lunch - at which time Brooklyn and August would swear up and down that they were done for the day, just too tired to go back out...until right after they'd eaten and suddenly were re-charged and ready for lots more ocean play! Then we'd take naps around 3:30 or 4.

Ok, Mom, I get it...this is the ocean. Now, let's go back under that umbrella thingy.

August, Brooklyn and Dorien were little aquatic mammals. And they got so brown, it was unbelievable. We slathered them with sunscreen, so they never burned, but boy...they were so dark! 
Obviously, the picture above doesn't reflect that as much, but just trust me. 

Daddy's turn to hang out with Wyeth. And Dorien just needed a quick break from the action.

A slightly pink Wyeth getting sleepy...and probably with a fever. Poor guy.

Dorien, Dorien, Dorien. 

Lady killer.

I love this girl. And her striped romper. And her gap-toothed grin. 

Climber of the tallest stairs...fearless and fiendish!

Brooklyn was sweet to share the pics she was taking with her little brother. 
She is SUCH a good big sister.

Caught in the act! Of what, I'm not sure.

Rain, rain, go away....
so we can go back to the beach and play.

This one turned into a genuine thunderstorm, "terrifying" the children!

Beach storms make for beautiful sunsets.

Game Night!

Couch pillow train!

Notice Dorien has his own caboose.

The view along my running route. Not too shabby.

Napping Wyeth...his hair has that lovely sunscreen crunch going on.

A gorgeously lit tree near Doc Holliday's restaurant.

Daddy playing Scrabble with the kids (which means basically playing four different parts yourself and serving as Chief Mediator).

Reading time before bed. Brooklyn and August slept in the daybed/trundle bed, even though there were two twin beds downstairs. Some nights, August and Dorien slept was hit or miss.

All good things must, sadly, come to an end. 
What better way to end than with a bang?
Quite literally.
As in, the sidewall of your tire.
As get to buy a brand new tire before you leave Florida!

Buh-Bye! Come again soon!

This little gem was propped up in the bathroom of a hotel we stayed at on our way back. You know you're not in just the best part of town when leaving this type of note is necessary.
And as hard as it was to refrain, we decided not to steal the comforter or coffee maker. 
In spite of their popularity.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a truly beautiful trip! And, your children are also quite gorgeous.