Someone's Almost 1

5:00 AM

In a few short days, Wyeth will celebrate his first birthday.
Fastest year ever.

Yes, my son is wearing a pink cloth diaper.
Because it was free.
And because real men can ROCK pink.
His shirt also says, "I Love Hot Moms." 
I did not make that shirt or purchase was a gift. And it makes me happy when he wears it.

He is my recessive gene baby with his WHITE hair and BLUE eyes, but in all other ways, he looks just like his siblings. He's handsome and chunky and kissable, and just generally perfect in my eyes.

He's a hoot. He bangs on things and unrolls toilet paper rolls faster than a speeding bullet.
He speed crawls and pushes chairs around the room using them as his walkers.
He puts absolutely everything in his mouth. And I do mean everything. From hickory nut shards to clods of dirt to dead bugs. It's disgusting. He licks everything he doesn't put in his mouth. If I wasn't breastfeeding him, I'd be worried about all the diseases he's exposing himself to.


A family shot of life being lived...folding laundry, reading books, eating Legos...

This is the other face Wyeth has...the ear-piercing scream that makes me crazy.

This is a favorite spot of his.

He ponders life's more challenging questions.

And practices his pirouettes.

And plays King of the Chair!

Clearly about to get up to something. And thinking it through in advance.

What the heck?! I'm going for it!

Hard to resist that grin.

His new favorite spot? The lazy Susan. He just fits. 

My new favorite picture. Caught in my closet with my shoes and a half-fastened diaper.
He recently decided the Velcro straps are so much fun to undo. 

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