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This post is long overdue.
I forget how quickly time passes when we get back into homeschooling.
I blink and 5 weeks have passed. Sheesh!

For our family vacation this year, we returned to our favorite spot - Captiva Island in Florida.  An 18 hour drive (split over 2 days) down through Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Interestingly, not a trip that we mind making. I think we all look forward to it in many ways. There are the treat bags I put together for everyone, the library books (I read aloud to the kids so my car-sick ones don't puke), the Adventures in Odyssey CDs and movies. We also have favorite restaurants we stop at along the way, including one in particular in Dothan, AL that is amazing!

So, without further ado, here is a whole heap of photographs to help you visualize the experience.

Jam packed. Cooler of snacks and drinks, groceries, floaties, life jackets, luggage...bikes and bike rack. Good to go. Rather than having to unpack the whole back when we stopped at a hotel our first night on the road, I was ready. I put together a "to-go" bag of toiletries and put an extra pair of clothes in each kid's treat bag. So all we had to take in were our pillows and treat bags.

A very excited Dorien stakes his claim on a pillow. The backpack in front of him is his treat bag.

The kids were super excited!

The Supreme Drive Master! 
Ready to take his family to a beach paradise!

Hilariously, as we were pulling out of our drive, Kyle pointed out to me a little mowing oops that happened the day before. While it looked seriously sad, we weren't around to dwell on it, and by the time we got back, it was practically unnoticeable!

Leaving Tallahassee after crashing there Friday night after a very very full day of driving. Tallahassee is really beautiful. And there is something magical and ethereal about the Spanish moss draped over the trees.

After yet another long day of driving, we arrive at the Sanibel/Captiva bridge - a sight for truly sore eyes. It makes us all giddy. Once over that bridge, we don't budge for a full week.

The clouds were like something from a postcard. Huge and fluffy...

Now that we arrived, no time like the present to race down and enjoy our first evening on the beach!

Almost immediately upon arrival, we noticed Wyeth wasn't himself. Running a fever and very clingy. We ended up taking him to a Dr on the island mid-week who diagnosed him with a virus and sent us on our merry way. We kept him happy by keeping his fever as low as we could and letting the ocean lull him to sleep. If the rocking of the waves didn't do it, then the sound of the waves did.

Breakfast table!

This is my first time at the beach!!!
(technically. last summer he was here, only in utero)

Ahoy, matey!

Lots of digging. For shells, critters, big holes to sit in...

Sheer concentration from this little man.

See my shovel?

Some days I opted to put a bathing suit on Wyeth...other days just his swim diaper.
Bathing suits at his age are purely cosmetic. No functionality whatsoever.
Particularly where sand is concerned.

Ok guys, here comes the Wyeth!

Looks like fun!

Our spot.

Mommy and her two floating boys.

Wyeth loved to fall asleep bobbing and gnawing on my goggles. 

As my fair skinned little one, I was worried he'd burn, but he really didn't. I don't know that it was diligence on our part...more like luck. 

Did you catch anything? Nope? Me neither.
Let's go again!

My kids idea of collecting shells. A bucket of 50% sand, 50% shells.

Headed to see the sunset.

Our daily trek down the boardwalk to the beach.

My beautiful, sun-kissed daughter.

Mommy and Wyeth

August and Dorien

Little Boy Blue

Lots of love here, folks.

August and Wyeth

It's time for Daddy, now!

Sweet boys.

And then there's this crazy handsome guy. Both crazy. And handsome.

Nothing but energy.


Looks like a fake backdrop, but nope. That's the real deal. 

My awesome children. I'm so blessed!

Not to mention blessed by the handsomeness all around me!

Picking our way down the beach to see what we can see...

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the pictures!

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