Exploring Chicago with the Two W's

6:00 AM

For the past 4 and a half weeks, Wyeth and Wilder have been my daytime companions while their older siblings are at summer camp.  Most days, after the 9am drop off, we walk back home and eat breakfast and I make my morning French Press or espresso.  Immediately afterwards, we head to the gym, which, lovely as it is, has wonky childcare hours. 8am-12pm and 4pm-8pm. It's one of my least favorite aspects of the gym. Super inconvenient.

But it does make me get there early in the day, so there's that!  
After the gym, many days we come home and I tackle my to-do list and the boys play.
They play together so well! 

Some days, we head to explore different things in our city.
One recent place of exploration was a local restaurant I'd heard good things about: Ann Sather.
There was an Ann Sather who ran this place, but died several years ago. She was Swedish and there is a distinctly Swedish vibe to the place.

The day the W's and I went there, we found that one seating area was full, so they opened up a whole section just for us! We were the only people in there and we had our own waiter and it was blissful! 

Our waiter said we were his VIP section.
It felt very VIP.

The thing Ann Sather is famous for is the cinnamon rolls. They were actually not an original menu item, but the man groomed by Ann to take over her restaurant added them to the menu and they have become a "thing." They are baked fresh, are huge and seriously delicious.  Plus, here's the thing: if you order any egg item you get two sides. One side option is 2 cinnamon rolls. And you can order 2 sides of those, giving you 4 yummy cinnamon rolls! A family of four we know regularly goes there and spends $10 for eggs and a cinnamon roll for everyone. 

I ordered 2 eggs over medium with a side of cinnamon rolls and hashbrowns, and shared my cinnamon roll with Wyeth. It was the perfect amount of food. Plus, they give you endless cups of coffee for super cheap and it was good coffee.  

It lived up to the hype for me and my W's. I'm gonna be sad when the explorations get more pricey with my the whole gaggle...

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