You Never Know What to Expect

8:01 PM

I am learning that I have no need to rent comedy movies to make me laugh anymore. I just look at whatever Brooklyn's doing and it rarely fails to make me and Kyle genuinely laugh out loud with far more enjoyment than had we been watching a movie! I love it when someone does something unexpectedly funny and it just catches you off guard. That kind of funny. Brooklyn is the master at that. Mostly related to her newfound shoe fetish - the girl ADORES shoes and tries on pair after pair throughout the day. Sometimes the pair matches, other times it does not. Never seems to phase her. I have gotten to the point where I'll glance down to see if they're on the right feet or not. If not, I just say, "B, switch em." And she plops down on her bottom and swaps feet. Another new thing is that we are now taking off our clothes at whim. Could be anywhere, anytime. Or just parts of the clothing. You never quite know what to expect. And that, my dear friends, is why I just love being around to witness the ongoing hilarity that is toddlerhood. And why I love being a mom! Here are two moments that caught me off guard and I just happened to have a camera nearby.

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