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In a world where masculinity is threatened and you genuinely desire for your kids to be what they were designed to be, certain discussions may arise. For mothers of boys, you it a problem that my boy loves to dress up with his big sister? Or is acting really tearful and whiney? Or totters around in my heels when his big sister does? Or perhaps wears a brink pink tutu as a cape and REFUSES to take it off?
Do those things mean there is something wrong my boy? Is he...not manly enough? I think the answer is a RESOUNDING NO. Nothing is wrong. For starters, boys with big sisters will want to do whatever it is that their big sister thinks is cool - even if that includes wearing mom's shoes and playing dress up. Or playing dollhouse, even. Because believe me, even when August plays dollhouse with Brooklyn, his version is much rougher (and louder) than hers. She play-talks with her people - he tries to cram them down the stairs and bangs them on the floor.
Should we not kiss them when they fall and soothe away their tears? Are we creating babies by treating them as such? I think the answer is that there is a balance. I also think this is not limited to dealing with boys. The same thing applies to girls. If you make a big deal out of a boo-boo, so will they. If you treat it lightly and make sure they're not gushing blood, kiss the boo-boo, pat the bum and send them on their way - they'll get the idea that they're ok and you still love them! Like I said, it's a balance.

I also think we're unwise to discourage any sensitivity in our boys. We should still hug them and love them and let them know they're loved - without hopefully fostering whineyness. But I happen to be married to man who is all man but is also incredibly sensitive. He's an ARTIST - he doesn't hunt or drool over guns and ammo, he likes a good football game and is a gifted athlete, but it doesn't consume him and I love him for that. I know he's exactly as God made him - a man with a sensitive nature. And I wouldn't change a thing!

So, mommas, even when your little men run around like this - don't be alarmed. They're gonna turn out all right.

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  1. Justin used to let me dress him up in my dresses, make-up, hair, everything! And now, he's in the Marines and is pretty much one of the manliest men I know.

    Wait till they start playing "wedding" and August has to marry his sister a hundred times a day! Those were the days :)

  2. Real MEN wear PINK! I think he looks handsome! Get well soon. There is NOTHING worse than sick children, so try to get some rest yourself. Candy