Vegas, Baby

6:56 PM

I continue to be surprised at the things that come out of my children's mouth - and by things, I mean of the verbal nature, although the literal contents are also sometimes surprising. For instance, when August spits out an entire black paper binder that he's tucked back in his cheeks for safekeeping.

Or when Brooklyn is repeating something catchy over and over, and I realize that my child is saying, "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner."

This phrase sounds kinda familiar to me, so I call my husband and say, Kyle, listen to what Brooklyn's saying. He listens and promptly bursts out laughing. And he reminded me that it is a Vegas phrase having to do with winning at Blackjack. If you've ever seen the movie 21, it's all over that movie.

So either my daughter has a secret hobby on the side or someone she hangs around does...

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  1. Oh no! That's so funny.

    I recorded a video of Izzy walking the other day and had to edit it down because in the background, you can hear Eva screaming a profanity! She's not really saying a bad word, she's saying "look!" BUT, it does NOT sound like "Look" if you know what I mean.