9:31 PM

For those of you who wonder what happened to I am. It's 11:30 on Thursday night and this is just about the first opportunity I've had to sit down and post anything on this crazy blog. Why, you might ask?

And I would laugh with a note of hysteria creeping into my voice.

Why, indeed. Well, for starters, because things have just been insane. The last day I was able to sit down and do this, I was still 31. Now I'm a whole year older. Well, 32 anyway. As of August 24th.
And let me tell you, my birthday was just about one of the greatest birthdays I've ever had! Kyle took the afternoon off and we gave the kids to my mom and we went to a matinee! To see the Time Traveler's Wife - which I had been waiting to see for months. I own a signed copy of the book and have been a HUGE fan of Audrey Niffenegger ever since reading it. In fact, we advance purchased her second book which isn't even out yet. Sigh.

After the movie, Kyle took me to dinner at Acadia, this fancy, exquisite restaurant where we had a tiny little table in a dark corner - perfect for staring into each others eyes and talking for hours while savoring delicious food. Which is exactly what we did!

The next day, things kicked into gear in my life.

I'm a Core Group leader for Community Bible Study, and our Tuesday training sessions began....followed by more training and more training. And then the actual Bible study began on September 2. And my kids went to Mother's Day Out for the first time. And August ran a fever for 9 days straight, waking up on the first day of MDO running a fever of 102.7... And then Labor Day weekend happened and then we found bugs in our closet that have apparently been eating holes in my clothing. And then we started painting our entry-way and had to pause to deal with our cloth-eating bugs..and the laundry which that has necessitated. Oh, the LAUNDRY!!!!! And I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law here Sunday and I'm viewing the chaos which is currently my house and my feet start jumping and my hands start twitching and I feel the need to go run a mile really really fast to burn off some nervous energy!

So the bugs. Yeah, well, let me just say that I hope you never have to experience this. Thanks to google, I have identified our invaders as casemaking clothes moths and carpet beetles. They steer clear of cotton, but love wool and other fabrics. So they found our sweaters and our suits. And are everywhere. Where they came from I have no idea.

But I am more than a little repulsed at their presence here. Terminix has been here twice and yesterday after he sprayed, we were banished from our house for 4 hours. Since I discovered these little critters (last Thursday), I have done nothing but laundry. With the exception of Sat, Sun and Mon when we were at the Farm for its grand re-opening (pictures to follow later) - my washer and dryer have been running steadily. Thankfully, I have a brand new washer and dryer, so they're efficiently earning their keep!

And I've folded so many clothes and sorted so many clothes and continue to throw them in the wash, transfer them to the dryer and do it all over again so many times I feel like I'm getting dizzy. Not to mention the dry cleaning bill because of course you can't wash the clothes you really need to. So I paid $75 for a stupid dry cleaners to do it!!!! And on top of that, now my entire upstairs smells like mothballs because I practically bought out the Container Store's selection of clothes moth and carpet beetle killers/repellant. Sigh.

So, if you happen to brush shoulders against a very frazzled looking young mom who smells vaguely of detergent and mothballs and who has bags under her eyes while trying to corral her two little toddlers while remembering to buy milk, eggs and's probably me.

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  1. Oh I hate those kind of weeks. Still I"m more than sure that you are just as joyful as ever. That's really the best way I'd know how to describe you...joyful. I love that about you.

    Things haven't been as exciting as carpet beetles around here, but we are house-hunting! We put in an offer on a town home yesterday and we're just waiting to hear back from the bank so say a prayer for us! It's our first time buying a home and we're super nervous!

  2. I had a similar week like that last week. Tawana was in town and told me she was waiting to see if a plague was going to come next. It was like everything went bad that week. The good news is you can look forward to a better next week.

  3. So sorry you had to deal with the nasty bug issue. I can't wait to hear about the shower, though. I'm sure it'll be fabulous!