The Architectural Blooper

12:03 PM

Kyle and I are fans of architecture and while no means legitimate experts, we do feel we have a certain sensibility about us when it comes to what works and what doesn't and occasionally, what should never ever ever have been.

We often wonder how or why an architect ever even bothered to put something down on paper and further, what IDIOT looked at it, approved it and went ahead with building it. And let's not even discuss the people who actually put money into such houses for reasons other than to raze them and use the lot to build something better.

Such a classic "blooper" exists on Waterside Drive, the road that parallels the lake by our house.

For just so many reasons, this house should be destroyed, eliminated, eradicated, scratched out and started over, then the rubble kicked in disgust and a scale model burned in effigy! Yes, I have strong feelings about this.

It faces a beautiful lake: here is the view from this house.

And here is the mistake of a house:

See what I mean????? What nincompoop thought it would be a great idea to build a house that virtually looks like it's mooning you? How could this possibly be the FRONT of a lakeside house? The windows looking out onto the lake are like portholes...the windows facing the hill and concrete patio are floor to ceiling...90% of the landscaping is concrete...30% of the front of the house is garage doors...the whole thing just says, oh, it means nothing to me to live on a lake...I hate lakes...I only live here cause I have to...don't look at me...go away! Which is exactly what I do - walk away from it as fast as I can!

Yesterday, as Kyle and I walked past it and stopped to discuss its complete ridiculousness...I pulled out the camera and he laughed, "I smell a blog post coming on!" Dern tootin.

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  1. Ugh. I agree. I've always been confused about that house. And didnt it have a rotted roofline too? Gross.