Party Pics

3:03 PM

I am so behind in posting pictures of August's birthday party! But at long last, here they are. It was a complete success! Despite a storm in the morning, it cleared up and was the perfect hot, sweaty July day we had anticipated for this type of party. The watermelon never tasted more refreshing, the ice cream never colder or sweeter. Stickiness abounded, the kids played with abandon while the moms and dads hung out beneath the fans. August and a few of his buddies found the most exciting party item to be the water bottle bucket which was filled with ice. I think August spent 90% of his time with his hand in the bucket, fishing out ice cubes to munch on. He did pause momentarily to blow out his candle (in a hunk of watermelon) and chomp down some of that.

His uncles found him and managed to work his hair up into spiky wedges which turned into a mohawk contest among the other toddler boys. Aah...sweet summer days. I think there were around 40 people there, and it was the perfect turnout. Our dear friends and sweet family members with all the kids that come attached. We are so richly blessed.

Ice cream churning
Rachel, fresh from Kaleo, assists with balloon blowing!
The birthday boy - in position by his ice bucket!
Kim, Ashlen and Chad!
A table full of fun!

Weston of the Spiky Hair
Elijah - licking off the excess water streaming down his face!
Three boys in heaven.
Uncle Michael relaxes with August
Post party collapse.

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  1. Oooh...homemade ice cream! What a great idea!!!

    August is precious. So sweet.

    ****to answer your question about the cupcakes in a jar...they're super easy! I bake them in a regular muffin pan minus the baking cups. Just make sure the muffin tin is buttered and floured really well before you pour the batter right in. The cupcakes fit perfectly into the ball 4 oz canning jars you can find at Walmart. I just cut the little cakes in half and layer them with buttercream and jam and then put a thin layer of butter cream on top and close the lid! They're really good out of the freezer too :)