Other Firsts

2:04 PM

For those of you who don't have kids or aren't thinking kids are the most exciting thing in life, well, bear with me. I agree that kids aren't the most exciting thing in life, but they are incredibly great at adding excitement TO your life. And because they somehow manage to be part of you, part of your husband and yet an entirely SEPARATE person...they do become somewhat fascinating to us, their captive audience and parents.

Which is why I will share what may seem mundane, ordinary and blase to many of you. But in this household, we're at the stage of life where these things mean something big.

So here are our big firsts: Brooklyn is OFFICIALLY and FINALLY potty-trained. Accident free for over 3 weeks.

Secondly: August is walking. For the past few weeks now, he's been dabbling in the fine art of balancing on two legs. Yesterday, he just decided that it was go time. He would walk a few steps, stumble, squat down in a way that only a little block of a human can, lift up his hind end and follow with his balance hands and confident expression. And totter on to his next objective. Over and over and over. He was so determined and so pleased with his efforts. It sounded like a football team was winning a championship game in my house, there was so much cheering and shouting. He loved it.

So, for my friends who humor me and my friends who have kids and are also experiencing life's little firsts - thank you for your time. :)

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  1. I just had to tell you that Brooklyn's haircut is just stinkin' cute! She is already a model! Yaaayyy...so happy for her and the potty news! And, August is the cutest little walker. I love his waddle, and his belly is so cute. You and Kyle make some beautiful children :)

  2. Yeah, August. He looks so excited. I love all of the firsts. Having kids makes all of the little things in life so special.
    Oh, and yeah for Brooklyn.

  3. YAY August! And Hip Hooray for Brooklyn!

    We're in the throws of potty training over here too. And Izzy doesn't seem even remotely interested in walking yet. But I know both will happen in time!