Project Living Room/Office

5:57 PM

After living on my to-do decorating list for months, "paint the living room/office" has been checked off. In what can only be called a flash of resolve, it was decided that it was just time. There's only so many times one can look at paint samples in different shades of light. At some point, you just have to go buy the paint and do it.
The office - original paint color

The living room being painted

It took us only slightly longer than the weekend to do, and then suddenly things began to come together! A new rug...some rearranged furniture...a Providential visit from Lisa who worked her MAGIC...and my soul breathes easier as there is no longer a clash of warm and cool colors. We are officially in the cool now.

The dining room is currently in the process of being painted now with the entry way/stairs next. Not sure what color the entry way will be, but the prospect of change thrills me.
A new view.

The full picture

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  1. I LOVE that color! It's much more Ash and Kyle. I wish I had Lisa nearby to help me figure out how to make this place a little more homey. It's hard when you're a renter as we are. But that could change soon...we're peeking around.

  2. That is hands down my favorite wall color of all time. Pefect with the couch. So when can I come over and jump up and down and squeal in excitement? Cause I'm sure Kyle would love that. :)