A Baby Shower

7:26 PM

One of my best friends, Emily, is expecting her third child sometime in the next 4 weeks. As any mom of 2 kids knows, by the time your second kid is about to become your middle kid, you are in dire need of some basic baby essentials.

Somehow, all your white onesies are grey or spotted with dried baby puke despite your having meticulously washed them before storing them. Your pacies have long since bit the dust. Your bottles may or may not contain carcinogen particles! You can't afford to buy as many diapers as the new little one will demand because the second one is still wearing them. Your baby towels and washcloths are falling apart or just mysteriously lost. And if your youngest is a boy, there is a good chance his clothes are falling apart and in no condition to be passed down to the new one!

When it comes right down to it, you just plain need a baby shower.
So, I think by numero tres, it is perfectly fine to be showered once again with
some key essentials.
So we gathered together to do just that for Emily this past Sunday. It was so much fun to get together and brainstorm about boy names, watch the current wave of little ones wallow on the floor, eat some munchies and just shower Emily with love.
The mother-in-law and mother of the Mom-to-be...what a mouthful!
Two very very sweet ladies.

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  1. I'm a big believer that every baby needs to be celebrated with some sort of little shower! This one loos like it was perfect!