Comfort Zone

10:25 AM

This summer, our little family is stepping outside our comfort zone. A few weeks ago at church, a tiny little blurb in the bulletin jumped out at me and Kyle. I can't remember the words, but I remember my eye zeroing in on the word Rwanda.

Rwanda is the word on the wind at our house. Kyle does a lot of work for Bridge2Rwanda through his work, his bosses have taken several trips to Rwanda to pitch for different business opportunities, our church is very involved in Bridge2Rwanda, and well, it just keeps coming up.

And for reasons beyond my immediate comprehension, God has repeatedly stirred our hearts up. And this one Sunday, we were stirred beyond a little simmer into an active boil. The time had come to put our sympathies, our emotions, into action. To live out the mercy in our hearts for this tiny country halfway across the world. A country we really know very little about.

There was a need for homes for Rwandan students who would be arriving here this summer to complete an English as Second Language program prior to entering college. As part of the Presidential Scholars program, the best and brightest Rwandan students have been selected to be educated here in the States with the intent of returning to Rwanda to work in the government - ideally to implement their education to build a solid infrastructure for a country working desperately hard to rebuild itself.

At this point, no one really knows to what degree this program will be successful. But it holds promise and hope for a country struggling to rise from its ashes. And for me and Kyle, it provides us a living, breathing opportunity to be part of that change. For 10 weeks, we will directly impact the life of a boy who will hopefully go back someday and change his country for the better.

I don't yet know how it will all play out, who does really? But I am excited about our new family member for the summer and at the chance to be obedient to Christ through this step outside the status quo.

We'll keep you posted.

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  1. Cute pics of the kids, August looks every bit as big as Brooklyn.

    I'm proud of you! What willing hearts you have to open your home to a stranger! I know you will be blessed.

  2. LOVE their matching stripes. The kids are going to have such a blast with a new person to fall in love with!

    You'll be blessed beyond belief by this. I just know it!